**Toolkits for Counterparts** is an interdisciplinary virtual collaboration between two teams of UK and Philippine-based artists culminating in an online exhibition of six original new media, digital art, and video works. These works share a probing and playful approach to investigating disinformation, disability justice, and the logics of code, anatomy, and infrastructures. Taking the final form of games, an interactive dictionary, video, maps, and archives, the intention is for the visitor to allow themselves to enter into the logics and affects of world-building contained within each artist’s piece. Laying the foundation for these pieces is an iterative series of workshops centred around the ways that art can be produced in a transnational digital context as a creative response straddling differing but parallel sociopolitical realities. Asking the questions **“Why do we need a toolkit?”**, **“Why do we build with and for others?”**, and **“How will this support them?”** we grounded the creative process as contributing to a relational practice of solidarity. Alongside active sharing and listening, artists and curators continuously exchanged resources throughout the project, which have been collated into a public library that visitors can access via Gather.town and Google Drive, found via the [Library](https://www.toolkits-for-counterparts.xyz/#library) page. Details for the public launch event, where we will be discussing the process and works in-depth, can be found on the [Event](https://www.toolkits-for-counterparts.xyz/#event) page.
### Artists: - CJ / frameweaver `A` - Kate Frances Lingard `S` - Mirjam Dalire `m` - nil00 `n` - Paolo Lorenzo `X` - Yifan He `Z` ### About the funder: The British Council builds connections, understanding and trust between people in the UK and other countries through arts and culture, education and the English language. [Connections Through Culture (CTC)](https://www.britishcouncil.ph/programmes/arts/opportunities/connections-through-culture) is a grant programme run by the British Council in the UK and East Asia for the past 16 years to foster international collaborations through arts and culture. The Southeast Asia (SEA) edition of CTC was successfully launched in August 2019, and we have now completed three granting rounds, supporting 34 mobility/online collaborations in 2019 and 38 online collaborations in 2020. UK [Website](https://www.britishcouncil.org/), [Twitter](https://twitter.com/ambritish), [Facebook](https://www.facebook.com/britishcouncil/), [Instagram](https://www.instagram.com/britishcouncil/) | PH [Website](https://www.britishcouncil.ph/), [Twitter](https://twitter.com/phBritish), [Facebook](https://www.facebook.com/phBritish), [Instagram](https://www.instagram.com/phbritish/)
Yifan (they/them)
Yifan He is an interdisciplinary artist. They send out edible letters, animate sculptural objects and make videos and prints. Yifan’s practice explores our extended avatars across different worlds. They are interested in challenging the borders between bodies and initiating intimate relationships with every'body' involved in the process of making/playing/eating. Yifan is the appointed artist in residence at UCL SPiDER (the Sustainable Physical and Digital spaces for Education and Research project), currently building a chatbot for people to talk to in public toilets. Their writing Embodiment and Disembodiment in Tech will soon be published in the new issue of Broad Street Humanities Review. Yifan is also a cohort at Dark Study (inaugural), Shades of Noir (Phase 5), and the online residency spur.world.  [Website](https://he-yifan.com/) | [Instagram](https://www.instagram.com/mzhyff/)
**_messy little dfictionary_** — Here’s a confession: I started my research trying to address the fact that [‘Coding Is for Everyone—as Long as You Speak English’ ](https://www.wired.com/story/coding-is-for-everyoneas-long-as-you-speak-english/)but ended up discovering non-binary computing and all the related terms that makes me think of the queer alternatives to validate non-binary logics thus non-binary tech and worlds. This page is a d/fictionary. It traces the connections of many definitions to fiction (verb. to think associatively, to bleed out) towards many more fabulous worlds that cares (eg. the worlds of leakage currents that acknowledge the third indeterminate states.    I appreciate spaces and pages as places for collecting things and gathering thoughts. This dictionary invites you to chat, leave marks and kisses, xxxxxx.
Contribute to **_messy little dfictionary_** below or [here](http://he-yifan.com/dictionary.html).
cj silva / frameweaver (she/her)
cj is a queer Filipina artist living with chronic illness. Her work as an animator has been shown in various local and international film screenings and festivals. She has recently finished her thesis film, [oombilicus](https://frameweaver.com/welcome-oombi), an internet-oriented intermedia installation anchored on the theme of a garden of loops — where every loop is an expression of hope and showing up amidst a time of dire uncertainty. She is currently committed to engaging with animation as a practice of invoking and working with the intimacies and animacies of the multitudinous human and more-than-human world. [Website](https://frameweaver.com/) | [Instagram](https://instagram.com/frameweaver)
**_guttation: an altar for softwheres_** is an online installation that features an online magic 8 ball of sorts, a film and repositories of resources. The work engages with themes of shaping one’s creative practice, and therefore the world, through interrogative engagement. It hopes to provide a fermentation starter towards rituals that situate body-minds, tools and technologies in the mundane reality of interconnectedness. 
Play **_guttation: an altar for softwheres_** below or [here](http://frameweaver.com/guttation-home).
Frances (they/them)
Kate Frances Lingard lives and works in Glasgow. At the moment, they are taking time to play with their work again, experimenting with different kinds of games across digital and table-top form and researching the social impacts of data-driven technologies. Previously, they have thought about how to enact an ethics/politics of care within the digital commons working with digitally created images, objects, environments and playing around with programming. They have mainly worked with friends and collaborators, discussing the possibilities and complexities of decentralised and distributed technologies as shared infrastructure. Generally, they hope to question systems that define how we act and live together. [Website](https://k-f-l.com/) | [Instagram](https://www.instagram.com/kfrancesling/)
**_our data_** is a prototype for an incremental clicker game that leads to libraries of resources about data resistance, rights and power. The game looks into the idea of bringing data closer to the body in order to understand the implications on the way we navigate the world.  I used the incremental format to gamify a library for the Toolkit and touch upon ideas of data accumulation and the economic value of a single click. By imagining data as an extension of the body, something that effects us all, the game aims to provide alternate routes into collective and individual methods of resistance to data capitalism. This is an ongoing work, with further research around collective data resistance in development. It draws heavily from the book ‘Data Power; Radical Geographies of Control and Resistance’ (Dalton and Thatcher) and you can find development notes [here](https://www.are.na/frances-lingard/working-title-y8kzixnmiqg).
Play **_our data_** below or on on [itch.io](http://kfrancesling.itch.io/our-data).
Mirjam Dalire (she/her)
Mirjam Dalire is a multidisciplinary artist based in Negros Oriental, Philippines. She works with photography, internet-based installation, video, sound, and painting. Mirjam often uses virtual spaces as a staging point for confrontations with her immediate environment, employing satire and humor in her process. [Website](http://www.mirjamdalire.tumblr.com) | [Instagram](https://instagram.com/troutygram)
**_How to: Starterpack memes (updated 2022!!)_** — During our workshop and the dialogues that took place over the course of those three months, we, both the Philippines and the UK cohort, discussed a number of current issues that we've encountered, particularly in light of the new normal in which the world spends the majority of its time in the digital space. In this video, I show the viewers how to build a starter pack meme using the example "Neurodivergent new artist just trying to get by during a pandemic starterpack," and I urge them to reflect on their own challenges.
Paolo (he/him)
Paolo Lorenzo is a music producer and artist from the Philippines. A proponent of sonic non-creation, he works primarily under the epithet, Mocksmile. Lorenzo’s works and body of research explore concepts of cybernetics, neoliberalism, and Maoism. With a mishmash of influences, Lorenzo samples with recklessness to bring together sounds that aim to imagine possible futures while underlining the dystopian present. Recently, his essay [The Digital is Physical](https://drive.google.com/open?id=1STI52GDAA0_pVSx9US8ccpY3Zm0rOnis) which was published as a component of the exhibition [Portraits (Proxies)](https://www.drawingroomgallery.com/events/portraits-proxies/) joins _Namamahay_ at the first Trans-Southeast Asia Triennial Research Exhibition Series. He is co-founder of netlabel [NOFACE RECORDS](https://nofacerecords666.bandcamp.com/). He is also a member of the labor-centric cultural mass organization, [Tambisan sa Sining](https://www.facebook.com/TambisanSaSining), established in 1979.  [Instagram](http://instagram.com/mocksmile) | [Twitter](https://twitter.com/mocksmile)
**_Maps to the Stars_** is a foreword to the artist’s developing research on the insidious tangle of imperialism and feudalism in the Philippines. Using text and map making as a practice towards exposition and theorization, Lorenzo follows the neoliberal questions of extraction and deployment through the lens of local infrastructure projects developed and implemented between 2016 and 2022 (updated as of February 2022). This project is a proposal to retool—to build networks of solidarity between different localities and actors working towards material investigation and counteraction. Link: [mapstothestars.neocities.org/](https://mapstothestars.neocities.org/)
nil00 (they/she)
"I'm a multidisciplinary artist from Liverpool, mostly making music, videos + writing. I like using the digital aesthetic, and AI tools, to explore themes of disintegration + mysticism. Last year I made The Magic Tree, a website that generated over 450 collaborative artworks using neural style transfer. Visitors are invited to upload any photo, which will then be applied as a "style" to the most recent iteration. You can still play it at [www.the-magic-tree.co.uk](http://www.the-magic-tree.co.uk/). My next project is a Mystic SMS Bot, launching on 3rd December. You will be able to text a number and receive a randomly selected mystical aphorism produced by a GPT-2 bot trained on mystical texts, poetry and lyrics from around the world. The common thread between these two pieces is a desire to use technology as a way to relinquish control and instigate hybridity, bringing together elements that might be naturally contradictory." [Instagram](https://www.instagram.com/nil00151/)
**_d00m gates_** is a top-down rpg pixel game in which u battle your inner critic as u travel along the golden path to reach The Castle! 
Play **_d00m gates_** below or on on [itch.io](https://nil00.itch.io/doomgatez).